HR Software for Small Business

A warm welcome to WorkBee, we are a team of experts in Payroll, HR and Software.

Our combined team has designed and developed from the ground-up a HR system that is specifically designed for UK businesses with 75 employees or less.

What is HR Software?

Good Human resource (HR) software allows your small business to comply with UK employment regulations and law.

Essential HR functions for human capital management (HCM). HR software is also known as Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS). It can also be referred to as Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

HR software provides a powerful solution for everyday HR processes and strategic planning.

At WorkBee, we’ve created, designed and developed an extensive HR software for small businesses. Our software and tools tools put your business in control of your HR functions. WorkBee puts your people at the cente of your small business. We think it’s the perfect HRMS solution for keeping your small business on top of your day-to-day HCM related tasks. Our HR software is cloud based and keeps your HRIS data in a central location, and maximising employee engagement.

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HR Software that makes your business better

We created WorkBee HR because we found that the existing HR systems on the market are either to large and complex or are an after thought. 

HR Software - Tile View